Choosing Wedding Video Interview Questions

A professional videographer sets wedding guests at ease, allowing them to share their most intimate wishes for your happiness. We asked Nile for some suggestions for getting the best responses.

Wedding Video Interview Questions

  • Anything that you would like to say from your heart to the bride and groom?
  • How did you feel during the ceremony, what are your wishes for the bride and groom’s future?
  • Do you have any sweet memories of them as a new couple or from their childhood?

Wedding videography by Nile Sprague

Family and Friends Wedding Video Interviews

When making your wedding plans, consider including a videographer who can create a wedding video with interviews of your family and friends. This is a great way to continue to enjoy their wishes and thoughts for you.

Have you ever had the perfect words for your sentiments — after the moment arrives to share them with someone in real time? A wedding interview video is a way for people to express those feelings.

A good videographer provides your guests with the opportunity to impart their heartfelt words of wisdom, joy, laughter and special moments on your wedding day.

A wedding interview video will allow you to enjoy being a guest at your own wedding for years to come.

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Affordable Wedding Videography

Planning an affordable wedding means you want to save on costs without sacrificing what matters most.  One way to do so is to plan a smaller wedding which can be even more intimate and yet be shared with everyone by capturing the day on video.

Video can be enjoyed by distant family and friends on their phones, tablets, ipads, Facebook. That’s a lot of extra seats at no extra cost.  People can participate in a much richer way through the sites and sounds on video.

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