Wedding Photography Questionnaire

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Names of both people in the wedding couple
If you have an online timeline document, please share the link. Alternatively, please list times and events.
(Instagram handles for both people in the wedding couple, used to tag you when posting to IG)
Anything beyond what is typically in a wedding ceremony. Examples include: reading of a poem, exchange of gifts, smashing a glass.
Please individually list each configuration of family, friends and wedding party *on a new line* that you would like to have photographed. Each configuration typically takes 3 to 5 minutes, so expect an hour to allow for 12 to 20 configurations. Also, keep in mind that you may get tired of posing and smiling, and want to get back to your party, so limiting the amount of time for group portraits or breaking it into different chunks of time may be helpful (see next question).
The most common time to do group portraits is after the ceremony, though some couples opt to do them before the ceremony, or both before and after to break them up.
Common options are: in the day before the ceremony, just after the first look, after the group portraits, or later in the day during golden hour (around half an hour before sunset).
List any special items and events that you would like captured that may not be immediately apparent to the photographer. Examples include heirloom jewelry, special flowers, engraved flasks for groomsmen, special shoes. This may also include events during the wedding, such as a flash mob, special dance, a poem read by grandma during the ceremony.
(divorces, deaths, dramas, etc)
Please designate someone besides yourselves to help me identify people for group portraits. Please let them know that they will be responsible for doing this and make sure they agree. This is an important job: the support is very important and helpful for keeping things running smoothly.