Capturing Adeline and Yonatan’s magical coastal wedding at The Ledford House, Albion, California, was an absolute delight. 🌊💍 On a misty late-summer day, our cameras beautifully embraced their playful moments, reflecting their love and joy. From the radiant couple to their spirited wedding party, every frame exudes pure happiness.

Their love story, as enchanting as the Mendocino coast itself, began at California Baptist University’s aviation department. Fate united them when Adeline walked into the flight check-in office where Yonatan worked. ✈️✨ A serendipitous encounter that sparked a connection beyond words. Their bond deepened through hours of conversation, setting the stage for a blossoming romance.

Fast forward to a mesmerizing moment in Venice, where Yonatan, ever the romantic, proposed to Adeline on a gondola, sealing their journey of love with a resounding “yes!” 💖🛶

This heartwarming wedding-day highlight video includes the song “I Choose You,” a soulful melody by Heidi Peterman (@heidipetermanmusic), crafted especially for their first dance and performed live by her. 🎶✨ As the mist danced around them, Adeline and Yonatan’s love shone brighter than the sun, reminding us that true love is a journey worth celebrating.

Videography: Nile Sprague, Mendocino Photo & Video https://mendocinophoto.com
Photography: Renee Smith Photography https://www.instagram.com/reneesmithphotography
Live Streaming Video: David L. Minard https://www.instagram.com/z9.media
Wedding Planner: Carmen Turrill https://www.instagram.com/carmenturrill
Venue: The Ledford House
Desserts: Francis Burkey https://www.instagram.com/frannyscupandsaucer
Officiant: Dr. John Marselus
Sound Technician: Mark Jason
Music: Hannah https://www.instagram.com/hawaiian_hedgehog and Heidi Peterman https://www.instagram.com/heidipetermanmusic
Music for video: Heidi Peterman https://www.instagram.com/heidipetermanmusic
Wedding Dress: BHLDN https://www.instagram.com/bhldn
Groomsmen’s suits: Men’s Wearhouse https://www.instagram.com/menswearhouse