Once upon a time in high school, Erica and Alexander’s paths crossed through mutual friends, igniting a connection that would withstand the test of time. Over the course of ten years, their bond grew stronger with each passing adventure, making them inseparable.

On a memorable morning, May 29th, 2022, Alex decided it was time to make their relationship official. They embarked on a sunrise hike along the Maryland Heights trail in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, joined by close friends. As the sun peeked over the horizon, Alex mustered the courage to propose, and Erica joyfully accepted, sealing their commitment forever.

Planning their wedding became another mountain to climb, filled with challenges and excitement. Yet, they persevered, knowing that the summit was within reach.

Late spring arrived, painting the world in vibrant hues, as Erica and Alexander exchanged vows in a place that echoed the rhythm of their hearts: Holly’s Ocean Meadow in Fort Bragg, where the Pacific Ocean provided a breathtaking backdrop. The sun emerged from behind the clouds, casting its warm blessings upon their union, as if nature itself approved of their love.

Their wedding was a lively affair, brimming with playful activities and entertaining performances. Laughter filled the air as their loved ones joined in the celebration, creating cherished memories that would last a lifetime. It was a day of pure joy and love, an ode to the incredible journey they had embarked upon.

Erica and Alexander, whose story began in high school, have come a long way. Their unwavering commitment and resilience have brought them to this moment, ready to embrace the unknown future together. Hand in hand, they step forward, eager to face whatever adventures lie ahead, secure in the knowledge that their love will guide them through it all.


Videographer: Nile Sprague, Mendocino Photo & Video https://www.instagram.com/nilesprague
Photographer: Katelyn Tucker https://www.instagram.com/ktuckerphoto
DJ: Sami Fink, Heart of Gold https://www.instagram.com/sami.fink https://www.instagram.com/heartofgolddjs
Officiant: Denise de Luise
Cake & Dessert: Shani, Shani’s Sweet Creations https://www.instagram.com/shanissweetart
Caterer: Caroline Radice, Black Dog Catering https://www.instagram.com/blackdogfarmcatering
Rentals: Matt Rowland, Matt Rowland Events https://www.instagram.com/mattrowlandevents
Hair: Kali Denbeste, Kali Jo Beauty https://www.instagram.com/kalijobeauty
MCs: Kochina Rude https://www.instagram.com/kochinarude & Lisa Frankenstein https://www.instagram.com/itslisafrankenstein
Flowers: Earth Spoke Farms https://www.instagram.com/earthspokefarms
Venue: Holly’s Ocean Meadow