A Natural Union 🌿🌼 

Kimberley & Ben’s shared journey in earth-based Jewish traditions culminated in a breathtaking outdoor wedding at Philo’s River’s Bend Retreat Center. 🌅

From their chance encounter under the towering Redwoods during Tu B’Shvat, their connection blossomed, leading them to a flirtatious energy exchange at Passover in the Desert.

Emerging into a world of open possibilities, Kimberley & Ben embraced the outdoors with Wilderness Torah, celebrating nature’s revelations through shared events. Their bond deepened during a heartfelt picnic, sparking conversations that bridged the gap between strangers.

As the seasons turned, so did their love, intertwined with dreams and shared aspirations. Ben’s cycling tour dreams and Kimberley’s creation of an indoor jungle symbolized their journey together.

Their love story found its crescendo on their wedding day, a celebration marked by enchanting live melodies, captivating dance, and unique details like bicycle-powered amplification and margarita blenders. Surrounded by cherished ones, they exchanged vows, sealing their commitment amidst the beauty of the natural world.

Beneath a towering oak tree and the open sky, they professed their promises, united by the wild spirit that brought them together.

Kimberley & Ben’s wedding day inaugurated a lifetime of adventure, where love and the wonders of nature will intertwine in each chapter. 🌸🐝💍

Videographer: Mendocino Photo & Video @nilesprague
Photographer: Paul C. Miller @paulcmiller
Wedding Planner: Mischa Skolnik @midnightpicnic_
Venue: River’s Bend Retreat Center @riversbendretreat
Reception Sound Engineer: Paul Freedman
Ceremony Sound Engineer: Michael Beck
Officiant: Rabbi Warren Stone
Caterer: Ruthie Praskins
Band: SHAMATi music @shamati_music
Choir: Voices in a New World @voices.in.a.new.world