Celebrating 8 Years of Love and Friendship

Chris and Robyn have embarked on an incredible journey together, spanning 8 years of shared experiences and unwavering companionship. Their love story is a testament to the power of serendipity, as their anniversary aligns perfectly with their wedding day.

Their paths first intertwined during a memorable weekend in Sonoma County. Robyn, then living in San Francisco, had ventured north for a wine event and a long-awaited reunion with two cherished friends from her study abroad days. Little did she know that this trip would mark the beginning of an extraordinary chapter in her life.

From the moment Robyn and Chris met, a profound connection was sparked between them. Throughout that weekend, they found themselves inseparable, forming an instant bond that would shape their future. Over time, Robyn made frequent trips to visit her friends in the North, secretly eager to spend cherished moments with Chris as well.

As their love deepened, Chris began visiting Robyn in the city, and soon asked her to be his girlfriend, strengthening their relationship even further. Over the years, they have weathered numerous storms together, but through it all, they have remained each other’s rock: true best friends who have conquered life’s trials hand in hand.

Their wedding was a celebration of their remarkable journey thus far, a testament to the enduring love they share. Together, they embraced the joy of their special day, surrounded by loved ones, at the beautiful Switzer Farm on a spring day that perfectly mirrored the blossoming of their love.