Wedding Video Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing us for your special day! We are excited to be part of the team documenting your wedding!

Your answers to the questions below will help us plan the videography for your wedding day, and ensure things go off as smoothly as possible. Most of the questions are not required, so if something does not seem relevant, please feel free to skip it.

This is a detailed form, and takes some time to complete. You may want input from your fiancé as well. Please allow around 20 to 30 minutes to thoughtfully answer all of the questions.

If you have any questions or comments for us, please let us know. We are always trying to improve.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Names of both people in the wedding couple. Please also include preferred pronouns if you wish to do so (ex. she/her, he/him, they/them; pronouns will not generally be used in the video).
We will send you a copy of this questionnaire for your reference
If you have an online timeline document, please share the link, or copy and paste your full timeline
Please indicate how many bridesmaids and groomsmen and anyone else I should be aware of (flower girl, ring bearer, dogs of honor)
Please give details about ceremony, reception, dinner and anything else relevant
Instagram and TikTok handles and Facebook URLs for both people in the wedding couple, used to tag you when posting. Please write "do not tag" if you do not wish to be tagged in social media posts.

Please follow us on social media – it makes it easier for us to tag you:
Photographer, DJ and Officiant must be included with contact info.

Also include florist, wedding attire, hair & makeup, caterer, cake, rentals, anyone else you've hired so that I can credit them appropriately.
Couple portraits are most commonly done after the ceremony, along with the group photos session, but can also be done before the ceremony or at other times.
I will want to do a short interview with both of you together. Please allow 15 to 20 minutes. Please give some thought to when on the day of your wedding you'd like to do this. This is typically after the ceremony, either after group shots or during dinner, but could also be at a different time. We will need to go somewhere quiet to get good audio.
List any special things that you would like captured that may not be immediately apparent to the videographer. Examples include heirloom jewelry, special flowers, engraved flasks for groomsmen, special shoes. This may also include events during the wedding, such as a flash mob, special dance, a poem read by grandma during the ceremony.
Which side will the bride stand on during the ceremony from the audience's perspective?
Anything beyond what is typically in a wedding ceremony. Examples include: reading of a poem, exchange of gifts, smashing a glass.
Choose one or two people to be interviewed to offer a personal message to the wedding couple. This is typically a close friend or family member. If a pair of people are chosen, they will be interviewed together. We will do our best to interview everyone listed, but sometimes it is not possible due to time constraints. Therefore, please list them in order of priority.

It is often a good idea to choose different people for personal messages than for toasts, so we have different voices in the film I will make for you. The personal messages are more intimate, them speaking to you, where-as the toasts are spoken in front of you and all the guests.
(individual or pair. Not available with all packages)
(individual or pair. Not available with all packages)
(divorces, deaths, dramas, etc)
Please designate someone besides yourselves to help me identify people for personal message interviews or other purposes on the day of the wedding.
How did your fiancé propose? Don’t leave anything juicy out! I’ll use this story in your blog and/or IG post! 😉
Additional Coverage Time
Weddings often take longer than planned and things can go past the scheduled time. We don't want to miss any of the key moments or have you feel rushed.

It can also be agonizing to have a conversation about money late in the evening on your wedding day, trying to decide whether you want us to stay for additional time.

Therefore, we try to address this question ahead of time.

If the wedding goes late or things are behind schedule, would you like us to continue until all the important events and activities are complete? Additional time will be billed at the standard rates as set forth in your wedding videography agreement.