Wedding Video Questionnaire

Names of both people in the wedding couple
If you have an online timeline document, please share the link.
(Instagram handles for both people in the wedding couple, used to tag you when posting to IG)
Choose one or two people to be interviewed to offer a personal message to the wedding couple. This is typically a close friend or family member. If a pair of people are chosen, they will be interviewed together.
(individual or pair)
(individual or pair)
I will want to do a short interview with you. It won't take too long – maybe ten minutes. Please give some thought to when on the day of your wedding you'd like to do this.
List any special items that you would like captured that may not be immediately apparent to the videographer. Examples include heirloom jewelry, special flowers, engraved flasks for groomsmen, special shoes. This may also include events during the wedding, such as a flash mob, special dance, a poem read by grandma during the ceremony.
Anything beyond what is typically in a wedding ceremony. Examples include: reading of a poem, exchange of gifts, smashing a glass.
(divorces, deaths, dramas, etc)
Please designate someone besides yourselves to help me identify people for personal message interviews or other purposes on the day of the wedding.